Packing Tips For Granada City In Summer Time

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Packing for vacation before few days of your trip is the most stressful job for the majority of the people. Even they find packing as the challenging part of their vacation trip. This article facilitates you pack stress free for Granada for a holiday break. You want to pack clothing, toiletries, medicines, footwear etc.

The spring and Summer time in Granada is very hot and also the temperature changes often. The climate might be very cool in the morning but you may have to face horrible sunshine by the lunch time. Once after the sun set the temperature again become cool. To manage the frequent changing temperature in Granada, you must layer your dress most importantly in the spring season. During the months of July and August in the summer time, the temperature becomes very stable and you don’t want to worry about fluctuations.

Cotton and Natural fiber garments are the best options in the summertime and you must avoid wearing polyester, elastane, and acrylic fabric materials because these materials make your hot further and uncomfortable to walk in the heat. Wearing light colored outfits are recommended since the dark color dress absorb a large amount of heat. You can use light sweater or shawl to cover your shoulders. You don’t want to bring your umbrella to Granada since on an average it gets rainfall only on 50 days out of the 365 days in a year. June- September is the driest months of the year.

If you plan for a 1-2 weeks trip, then you pack maximum three pairs of shoes which have fine grip. Granada is a place where you can easily travel on foot since the distance between one place and another is quite short. The streets in Granada have several steep hills and uneven cobbles and it is hard to walk on these wearing high heels.

The cathedral area and around the town hall, the tiles are slippery on any day of the year except the Easter time because at that time the entire places around the city center are covered with an invisible thin film of wax. You can find it very slippery similar to ice skating. To prevent any injuries, you can wear good shoes in Granada. Few streets in Albaicin quarters have stone steps.

You don’t forget to pack Aloe Vera gel when visiting Granada since the climate is very hot here. You can apply this gel, sunscreen lotion etc to prevent from sunburn.