Places You Should Not Miss Out In San Francisco

Are you looking for the best destination for your holiday trip? San Francisco is the perfect choice where you can have fun with or without kids. If you are living nearby San Francisco, and if it falls within your budget then you must visit with your kids. They will surely love the city very much. If you are looking for more interesting places at San Francisco, you can visit the website that contains tourist destinations at San Francisco listed under different categories.

You can go for hiking, trekking, seeing natural beauty, imbibing local culture and many others. You must choose the places based on the interest of your family members. Here are some of the places that you can visit along with your kids or without kids in San Francisco explained below.

You can visit the Presidio National Park which is the country’s newest national park situated in the northwest part of San Francisco. It is a beautiful hill spot earlier used as a military base by Spanish, American and Mexican militaries but now it is the best place for hiking, biking, scenic drives and other fun activities.

Golden Gate Bridge is the iconic bridge in San Francisco. Though it has the sad history as the spot where 1000 people committed suicide, it is a beautiful bridge. You can enjoy the wind and ocean currents flowing when walking across the bridge. You can even bike across the bridge and you can park your vehicle in the free parking lot at Fort point. If you are going with small kids, you can go for a short distance and return back.

Wood Line is a sequence of tree pieces that makes a serpentine shape in the middle of the eucalyptus trees. To visit Wood Line, take Presidio Blvd entrance and you can find a small parking space to the left.

You can enjoy the scenic view of flat grass and beach at Presidio. Lands End is the picturesque spot located at the west of Presidio. It consists of Legion of Honor Museum that has the rare collections of ancient European art that are the perfect examples of Impressionism, various hiking trails that lead to beautiful Golden Gate bridge and Golden Gate recreational hilly area.

Sutra Baths is the country’s public swimming pool located at the end of the Lands End Park. If you go along with your kids, surely this is an awesome place. Kids love climbing the stones and walking through the small tunnel. You can find free parking near the Cliff House at the Lands End Park.

If you are looking f or the good restaurant at San Francisco Bay Area then Gott is the best place. You can taste the juicy chicken with the sweet potato fries by easing in the natural environment by placing the orders at the counter. You mustn’t forget to visit the Ferry Building Marketplace which must be visited by food lovers. You can buy specialty products and snacks in this marketplace. Some of the snack food items available in the marketplace are ice creams, pastries, empanadas. You can also have fun at the fountain located in the Ferry building.