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These suits in the resorts are designed with taste and comfort to give you the best while on vacation. You can choose your place according to your style, size and comfort. There are large suits for a big family or smaller rooms if you are a couple. All suits are child-friendly.

If you prefer your place to be near the beach, beach fronted villas is your best choice. Beach front villas have the best views of the peaceful and serene blue oceans, from all sides of your windows and French windows. It would be a perfect place to unwind after your hectic work schedule.

If you prefer your villa to be enclosed by nature, you can choose your villa further up from the beach which provides you with breathtaking views of the beach surrounded by enchanting woods of colorful flora and fauna with the backdrop of a small waterfall and brooks nearby.

These villas are perfect for children where they can play unhindered and safely. There are playgrounds and various activities for them to have their fun time and make their vacation a memorable and joyful one. CLC world offers you all the global cuisines awakening your sensuous taste buds. They provide you all tantalizing, authentic fresh foods in an amazing ambiance according to your taste.

Our hospitality team will cater to all your needs from taking care of you and your belongings by the time you arrive at the time you leave. It is a place where you will know the people and people here know you as you will be a part of the CLC world family. This is an amazing getaway for couples wanting a few days of rest and relaxation away from their work. There is no way you that you can miss out these enchanting and beautiful villa holidays.

Now coming to the outdoor and indoor activities, you have a wide range of adventurous and exhilarating things to do. They arrange Paragliding, scuba diving, cycling, bird watching, hiking activities and many others according to your interests.
There are many shops in the town for relaxing shopping experience. You can buy memorable souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home.

An ideal and dream vacation awaits you. All you need is finding that perfect place which is none other than CLC world which gives you a wonderful and amazing vacation. It is a home away from home where everyone knows you. Bring your loved one or the loved ones on this enjoyable vacation