Primitive Methods To Start A Fire


If you want to start a fire using the primitive methods, then you may use some of the methods and techniques that have been talked about in this article. The Lost Ways Review states how the program has explained the best ways to make a fire. Well known and trustworthy online websites such as have also published a few relevant articles. The ideology behind minimalist living and going back to Mother Nature is not very complicated. It is very simple, but the interpretations of the so called experts tend to complicate the scenario.

Usage of a hand drill is one of the most effective ways to start a fire in a primitive way. You may find out about the exact acts involved in this method from reliable and accurate sources. If you happen to have a fireboard, then the effectiveness of this method will increase many times. You can start off the whole process by cutting a small hole on the fireboard. You must see to it that the hole is neither too big nor too small. If you can make the hole in the shape of the letter ā€˜Vā€™, then it will be even better. The knife or other cutting material which you use must be sharp. The cutting material must also be very strong.

Please keep a piece of wood under the hole which has been made. This piece of wood should not be too large. Doubtless is the fact that setting fire to a small piece of wood will be easy. When you have done this, then you should move to the task of placing the spindle in the hole. Please make sure that the pressure upon the spindle is fair but not substantial. When the right amount of pressure is applied, then you may observe that the spindle tends to roll a bit. It will be prudent to support the rolling motion of the spindle. This motion will allow you to make a fire in a fairly convenient way.

Some of the best and most highly regarded experts from the field of scouting and camping also talk about usage of a fire plough to start a fire. The fire plough is also very simple in terms of use. It will be very sensible if you do not shy away from making use of the fire plough when there is a genuine desire to make a fire the primitive way. The various steps involved in making a fire by using the fire plough are simple and easy. You may get to know about these steps in great detail if you do an online search on the subject. This search will benefit you a great deal.

Bow drill and fire piston methods of fire making are also very popular. Their efficiency is also certain. The ease of use and efficiency are the two factors which make any method good or bad. All the methods of fire making which have been talked about here are efficient and easy to use.